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If you’re thinking that you can’t have the best of both worlds, think again as this Hermes Wallet Sbn Replica Remix Duo Wallets can change all that. Simple and minimalist in style, these wallets can actually speak volume about your high-caliber fashion taste.

Made from Epsom calfskin with silver-and palladium-plated zip, the Hermes Remix Duo Wallets is all you could ever ask for in a wallet or maybe more.

If ever you’re wondering why it is called Duo wallet, the name is already a give away since it comes with a removable inner pouch with silver-and-palladium-plated zip. So it’s actually two Hermes Accessories for one price, now that’s called a good investment.

Hermes simply doesn’t need to design such things.This new is all about lavish, feminine, glossy and tasteful. The leather alone is sufficient proof for other people to find that it is produced from the highest quality. It is effortless, you do not need to brag. If anyone ask: ‘What’s that?’ , you easy answer: ‘Oh this is a Hermes’ (with a grin), and that’s all what they need to know.Hermes is one of the few designer brands that I admire, whatever they do, quality is always the top priority. The Birkin and Kelly are still made in the exact same style, with the same materials, even though the price increase regularly, but you never become disappointed because of the leather.Here I present you the Hermes Bearn Wallet. It’s a long wallet with a simple exterior design, but the silver ‘H’ logo on the strap is sufficient to make us drool. The signature ‘Hermes Paris’ has been printed in the center. Priced at $2,525 USD or $1740 euro’s at Hermes e-store or boutique. I adore that the dogon wallets of Hermes. My very first wallet from Hermes was a rouge garrance dogon with golden hardware that I had bought back in late 2005 (and started using only in early 2006– I chased the use of the wallet from remorse for having purchased a very expensive wallet hahaha…

Use the wallet as you wish, which is larger. If you like the inner pouch more, which is small in size, you can change anytime. Perhaps you can use the wallet for general stuff and the inner pouch as a coin purse, the ideas are endless.

Now take a look closer and you can see that it has several compartments such as card slots for easy organization. So there are two sizes:



Hermes Remix Duo Wallet
Size: 15.5 x 10.5 cm
Prices: 1310 euro, 1200 GBP

Hermes Medium Remix Duo Wallet
Size: 6.1’ x 4.1’ inches
Prices: $2150 USD




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