How To Buy Hermes Surf Wallets Replica Online Shopping


Wallets are a must-have in any woman’s bag and if you are on a hunt to finding a stylish and unique wallet, it looks like Hermes Wallet Rakuten Replica got you covered. Taking its cue and inspiration from surfboards are these innovative Hermes Surf Wallets.

Made from genuine Epson leather paired with silver plated palladium finish hardware, these Surf Wallets are very compact and chic thus they’re ideal to bring anywhere you go. By closer look you will notice that the zipper is in silver finishing but that’s not all it has to offer. You can also spot that there is an ‘H’ logo which stands for Hermes on the end side of the zipper. You know what they say, the beauty is in the details.

Even tough it’s designed by Hermes, this wallet does look a bit like a pencil pouch. These Surf Wallets come in different colors like Colvael and Lime. The short one is measured 6 x 12 cm and are priced ¥79920 JPY, the long one is measured ¥91800 JPY via Hermes boutiques.






I’m constantly on the search for the perfect wallet since my wallet is the most important item in my bag (occasionally over the bag itself)! I actually spend more time choosing my wallets than my handbags because there are many terms to be fulfilled, but now, the hunt for THE wallet is now over. (More after the jump!)) I went through my list of prerequisites: posh style (it is Hermes, it’s a Kelly, need I say more?) , a color that can endure daily abuse (etoupe is the best shade of taupe grey that will not show dirt or stains), decent credit card/ID slots(12- I just use two credit cards however seem to have a dozen of additional ‘cards’- ID cards for the son and I, credit card, prescription card, membership cards, VIP cards to clubs, charge card, Yoga card- the list is endless!) , space for money (two slots, so it is possible to match a passport in a few of these!) , foreign currency/checks/receipts (there are two pockets on the other side of the credit card slots which will fit everything from Chinese RMB to the Euro), and functional coin pocket (using an adorable miniature Hermes lock as the zipper pull that really occupies the deal for me, who else but me would purchase a wallet purely since the zipper pull is really adorable!?!?) .

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