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The highlight for many people was the see through hermes replica bags cheap. Every collection needs an insanely high priced shocker for the press to get excited about. This is it. Not that I don`t approve—this bag is gorgeous. As a crowd pleaser it`s more than a success.

It is the end of an era at Hermes with their fearless leader, a man who`s never shied from keeping it risqué over there in Paris, leaving after 7 years as creative director. This fellow is legendary, and of course Hermes is one of the strongest icons in fashion, so it seems a some sort of celebrity wedding separation. But everyone seems to say it`s an amicable split. Anyway, on to the purses.

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A few of you told me you thought I`d somehow forgotten to write about the Hermes Spring 2011 collection that was launched last month at Paris Fashion Week. Not the case at all. I`ve just been so darn busy! There`s so much to write about this time of year. With the spring collections out, the Fall fashion seemingly just getting started, and winter already at our heels it seems like all seasons are happening at once! So here we are, a look at hermes replica bags last collection for Hermes. Eva`s on it!
Hermes has always been heavy on tradition, but that`s never meant plain or quaint in the way “traditional style” might suggest. Gaultier`s calling card has always been a sexy spin on horse riding gear, S&M (I blush writing it!) and amazing leather. This collection visited the three themes wonderfully.
Gaultier`s big risk was in attempting to prove that the fanny pack, even if it`s gorgeous hermes bags replica  leather, can be at all hip. I like it. I`m not a giant fan, but I do like it. I don`t really think I`d wear it, but honestly men are pulling off fanny packs galore these days, why not women? It`s the slickest one I`ve ever seen.

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