Good Quality Hermes Constance Long Wallet with Colored ‘H’ Clasp Wholesale Suppliers


Hermes sure is getting a lot of buzz lately, not just within the field of handbags but also in pockets. Most of us very well know about subtle colors, under-the-radar logos, impeccable craftsmanship, nicely picked leather (off path, with some delicious exotics also) and urbane touch with the brand. Likewise, the Hermes Bearn doesn’t have to scream for attention, we know it’s worth pretty well.Are you still hankering for something quintessential to snug up your cards, cash, coins and bills in an organized manner? This marvelous long wallet is just like your practical little leather goodie that’s wrapped up in most H essentials along with gussets that can extend upto 3/4th. Who does not want a wallet that goes with anything? Whether you’re in pop-quirky apparel or you’re in a monochrome shade for your office meeting, this Bearn Wallet is apt for your every attire. Hermes minimalistic beauty is ingrained from the layout itself with no flashy or oversize logo and fussy capabilities. Taken its DNA from the timeless Constance bag (recall the H logo facing) , this Hermes pocket is really timeless piece. Though the Bearn Wallet is smaller in dimension, it does resemble the renowned Constance wallet.This contemporary throwback of Constance features an H emblem fastening, gussets and stunning contrast stitching at the corners.

Hermes is known for its luxuriously well-crafted bags but little by little, its wallets are finding their ways to the fashion spotlight. Take for example this little beauty right here; it’s the Hermes Constance Long Wallet with Colored ‘H’ Clasp.

Made from Epsom and refined silver plated palladium, this long wallet is the one you’ll be reaching for from your bag. With several bills and card compartments and a zipped coin purse in the middle, this one is perfect for stashing your hard earned money.

Look stylish anywhere you go as you pull this from your equally fancy bag! Say good bye to fashion boo boos as owning a wallet never looked this plush!

In general, the Hermes H Logo Wallet Replica Constance Wallet is not easy to find, it likes to hide like the Birkin and Kelly, hunting for this wallet is like finding Easter Eggs. But once you own one, you will proud forever.

Another thing that you’ll notice with this wallet is that it has the ‘H’ clasp in the same color as that of the wallet. Measuring 20.5 x 13 cm, priced at ¥654480 JPY via Hermes Wallet Grey Replica boutiques.


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