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Owning a wallet is just as important as owning a stylish bag. With the big success of the Compact Constance Wallet, Hermes Wallet Nz Replica thought of a way of creating a more compact and space-saving wallet by introducing its Compact Compass Wallet.

A short and mini wallet version of the well-loved Constance, the Compact Compass Wallet proves to be a daily essential in every woman’s bag. At first glance, you will instantly notice its gold plated ‘H’ tab closure, which lends it a sense of style and security all at the same time. Mind you, it also practical, convenience and easy-access. Despite the smaller size, this particular luxurious wallet has a lot to offer. So let’s dive into the interior.

Due to the demands of a modern-day hard working woman, the French brand made sure that this wallet will provide ease in bringing your hard earned money and plastic cards in a stylish manner. Inside, it has 4 credit card slots, 2 flat pockets, a change purse with zipper so it can hold your coins in place, and an external pocket at the back for easy access. It has everything you need to structure your daily wallet.

By the way, the Hermes Gold Wallet Replica Constance Wallet is as iconic as the Kelly Wallet. This design has existed for a very long time. So what’s more classic than that?

Measuring 4.6” x 7” inches and is priced $6250 USD via Hermes boutiques.









Then there was a soleil yellowish pocket that was fantastic.And then that new colour came out called Alezan. My SA stated it was a new colour for 2009 and I just glanced absently as I scrutinized the wallet. I love that the combination is on the brown side with orange. Subtly reminded me of this Hermes Handbag Value Replica orange box And the clou de selle is in gold rather than the common palladium.So now, I have an oversupply of Hermes dogon wallets, but clearly not enough money to fill them *muwahaha*. The only question today is, which colored wallet should I be using first in my “spinning”? Don’t you all wish our life problems were this simple? Last August I did a post on a then hard-to-find wallet which just recently made its debut at the French luxury house. Several months on, although the Passant Wallet remains fairly rare (but still not as hard to spot as say, a unicorn), you can often catch glimpses of it whenever you step to the stalls’ hallowed halls. And now that it’s creating more appearances from newer colors I have never noticed myself, I thought it apt to perform a fast update.Offered in two dimensions (the Passant Compact Wallet and the Passant Long Wallet), it is basically a wallet within a wallet. Let me clarify. For starters, there are 3 parts to the Passant, the true wallet as well as 2 different leather pieces contained within, the very first, a card case of slots, the next, a zip bag. To put it differently, you may use the wallet as is with of your cards and money loaded in, or separate all 3 pieces and use them individually. The only difference between the two dimensions?








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