Best orange leather hermes double sens handbag replica

I’m used to authenticate hermes double sens handbag replica because I’ve pretty much seen them all but with this Hermes Double Sens purse it’s a little bit tricky. The stitching is good, the leather looks nice, even the colors are good (the brow side should be a bit darker) but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The worst part is that this bag doesn’t have a date code/stamp and no authentic Hermes purse leaves the factory without this code. Another strange thing is the shape of the bag, which is not exactly square.

hermes double sens handbag

Today I’m going to show you a hermes handbag replica but I’m not going to tell you if it’s a replica purse or authentic one. We played this kind of game before but this time things are serious. I need your opinion for a dear friend of mine who bought this bag and she has limited time to return it.

Let me give you all the information. Sandra, that’s her name, bought this bag on ebay and she’s having second thoughts about it. The bag didn’t come with a label, authenticity card, dust bag or even the box you see in the photo. Which is totally strange because the seller told her she will receive all these little things but he chickened out when seeing the shipping fee, or that’s his story.

Please, replica handbags lovers and experts; let’s unite to help a friend in need! Would you say that this Hermes purse it’s authentic? Or just a good fake?

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