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Hermes wallets are not just wallets, they’re meticulously crafted gems with carefully-chosen lavish leathers. That’s why carrying one of these wallets resembles pride and you can’t get anymore fashionable than this. From the classic designs to the newly released, they’re all beautiful pieces.

We’re here to talk about the classics and then we’re going to share all the details like the prices and sizes. Then the only question left is; which wallet are you going to hunt.

The Hermes Bags 2016 Collection Replica wallet prices will be updated frequently and we will feature the US dollars, Euro, GBP as well as Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, if they’re available. Now let’s get started.

Last price update: February 2018


Hermes Kelly Wallet In Silver Hardware



Hermes Kelly Wallet Interior



Hermes Kelly Wallet In gold Hardware


Mirroring the most iconic piece of the house; the Hermes Wallet Dubai Replica Kelly Bag. They say that you need to get on the waiting list of the waiting list in order to buy the Kelly Bag. Fortunately this rule doesn’t apply to the Kelly Wallet, but it was limited on a certain degree. You see, the Hermes Kelly wallet wasn’t randomly available in every store. It was either sold-out or you need to wait for the next stock, which made this wallet a rare piece. But nowadays, it’s easier to get the Kelly Wallet.

The Hermes Kelly Wallet resembles to the Hermes Kelly Bag. There are a lot of elements that are similar like the shape, the leather and the design. The vital piece on the Kelly Wallet is the classic Kelly Closure (also known as the Kelly Lock) that’s crafted in the center.

The Hermes Kelly Bag’s history rooted back in 1892 and it was named after Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. She was a fashion icon and fell in love with this bag immediately. The fame of the Kelly Bag never decreased and is still limited available today. But later on, Hermes introduced the Kelly Wallet, which is inspired by the Kelly Bag.

Hermes Kelly Wallet Prices


Styles Latest Prices
Hermes Kelly Short Wallet in Mysore Goatskin $3375 USD, €2650 euro, £2620 GBP
Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in Mysore Goatskin $3550 USD, €2750 euro, £2710 GBP
Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in Epsom $3375 USD, €2650 euro, £2620 GBP, ¥451440 Yen, $4935 AUD, $4450 CAD
Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in Mississippiensis Alligator $13300 USD


Made of ultra durable and lightweight Chevre Mysore (Goatskin), the Kelly Ligne is the best Hermes wallet I’ve ever owned. My Hermes Dogon and Bearn pockets lack adequate card slots plus they don’t shut properly when the coin pockets are complete. The Kelly grip lets me things as much as I want without worrying about shutting it! Plus I love being able to open it and look down to see everything I have in there in one glance. The best part, though, is its double purpose as a clutch (I put my mobile in there and it fits!) And also you don’t need to be concerned about a wallet for your credit cards or cash because it’s already built in! There is a wait list for the Kelly Ligne wallet so you have to telephone your Hermes SA immediately. It’s offered in multiple colours but I absolutely adore the etoupe, it is so chic and sophisticated. At Hermes Boutiques worldwide.Each year, Hermes alters the leather and exotic skins that you may order from depending on availability. I told myself I would not purchase any more leather Hermes bags and would focus on exotics but couldn’t resist ordering the Taurillon Clemence in Olive. The colour is so cool and urban! If I have time later, I will post another entry to the colors available in each skin.A severe Hermes collector does not merely buy birkins. There are so many delectable items to be had and treasured. I purchased a photo album and diary from Blue Jean Veau togo if my son was born, I have been maintaining the journal and record with all of his “firsts” and will grant both to him when he’s his own child.

Styles Previous Prices (June 2016)
Hermes Kelly Long wallet in Swift Ghillies $4375 USD
Hermes Kelly Long wallet in Epsom $3350 USD, €2550 euro
Hermes Kelly Long wallet in Chevre $3550 USD, €2650 euro, £2310 GBP


Hermes Kelly Short Wallet 10.5 x 15.5 cm
Hermes Kelly Long Wallet 8″ x 5″ x 1″ inches (L x H x D) / 11.5 x 19.7 cm



Hermes Constance Compact Wallet



Hermes Constance Compact Wallet Interior



Hermes Constance Long Wallet In Silver Hardware



Hermes Constance Long Wallet Interior



Hermes Constance Long Wallet In Gold Hardware


Just like the Kelly Wallet, the Hermes Constance Wallet also resembles from an iconic bag; the Hermes Constance Bag. The Constance Bag is one of the oldest handbags of the house; it was designed by Catherine Chaillet back in the 1959. And as an honour, the bag was named after her fifth child. The Hermes Constance Bag’s fame rapidly increased after the former First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy, was seen carrying the bag. After that it became popular in the Hollywood and since then the history was written.

The Hermes Constance Wallet looks very similar to the bag edition. The most important designs are the flap and the H logo hardware. The Constance Wallet is made smaller, but longer in width to make it practical as a wallet. Still, it looks like the Constance Bag in mini version but without the strap.

Hermes Constance Wallet Prices


Styles Latest Prices
Hermes Constance Compact Wallet in Ostrich $6250 USD
Hermes Constance Long Wallet in Epsom $4525 USD, €3500 euro, £3210 GBP, ¥654480 Yen, $6000 AUD
Hermes Constance Long Wallet in Alligator Mississippiensis €10400 euro, £9530 GBP, $19735 AUD


Hermes Constance Compact Wallet 4.6′ x 7′ inches
Hermes Constance Long Wallet 8′ x 5′ x 1′ inches (L x H x D)



Hermes Small Bearn Wallet



Hermes Small Bearn Wallet Interior



Hermes Bearn Wallet



Hermes Bearn Wallet Interior


Wallet carries an iconic story, but the Bearn Wallet has became very popular lately.
The Hermes Iphone 4s Wallet Case Replica Bearn Wallet has the classic look and features the H logo with strap. As for the design part, it’s quite minimal with series of single colours available.

And although the H logo reminds us of the Constance Wallet, but it’s much smaller and humble. It doesn’t scream Hermes, yet it feels calm and elegant. And what’s more important, this wallet is less expensive than the Kelly or the Constance, but it features the same level of craftsmanship and quality. So it’s certainly a great investment.

Besides its look, the interior is structured and is made with all the pockets you need including 5 card slots, zipped pocket and other compartments to hide your essentials. So what do you say? Which wallet is a great investment?

Hermes Bearn Wallet Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Hermes Short Bearn Wallet in Mysore Goatskin €1090 euro, £1080 GBP
Hermes Short Bearn Wallet in Epsom €1030 euro, £950 GBP
Hermes Medium Bearn Wallet in Mysore Goatskin $2650 USD, €1950 euro, £1790 GBP, $3705 AUD
Hermes Medium Bearn Wallet in Epsom $2650 USD, €1970 euro, £1950 GBP, $3645 AUD, $3275 CAD
Hermes Medium Bearn Wallet in Smooth Alligator Mississipiensis $6500 USD


Hermes Short Bearn Wallet 7.5 x 10.8 cm
Hermes Medium Bearn Wallet 9 x 17.5 cm



Hermes Jige Wallet



Hermes Jige Wallet Interior


Hermes Jige Wallet Prices


Styles Latest Prices
Hermes Jige Duo Wallet in Swift $3650 USD, €2750 euro, £2710 GBP, ¥513000 JPY
Hermes Jige Duo Wallet in Gizzly/Swift ¥513000 JPY
Hermes Jige Duo Wallet in Matte Mississippiensis Alligator $18800 USD, €13900 euro, £12740 GBP


Hermes Jige Duo Wallet 12.5 x 20 cm
Hermes Jige Elan Wallet 29 x 15 x 3 cm (H x W x D)



Hermes Dogon Wallet



Hermes Dogon Wallet Interior


Hermes Dogon Wallet Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Hermes Small Dogon Wallet in Togo $1525 USD
Hermes Medium Dogon Wallet in Togo $2125 USD, €1500 euro, £1480 GBP, $2790 AUD, $2500 CAD
Hermes Medium Dogon Wallet in Swift $2200 USD, €1590 euro, £1570 GBP, ¥275400 JPY, $2965 AUD


Celine Small Dogon Recto-Verso Ombre Wallet In Togo 4.3″ x 7.9″ inches
Celine Medium Dogon Wallet 4.9″ x 7.9″ inches



Hermes Passant Long Wallet



Hermes Passant Long Wallet Interior



Hermes Passant Short Wallet



Hermes Passant Short Wallet Interior


Hermes Passant Wallet Prices

Styles Latest Prices
Hermes Passant Short Wallet In Evercolor $1750 USD, €1250 euro, £1240 GBP
Hermes Passant Short Wallet In Epsom $1625 USD, £1100 GBP, €1200 euro
Hermes Passant Long Wallet In Evercolor $2025 USD, €1450 euro, £1330 GBP, ¥255960 JPY
Hermes Passant Long Wallet In Epsom $1950 USD, €1450 euro, £1430 GBP, $2660 AUD, ¥247320 JPY


Hermes Passant Short Wallet 5.7″ x 3.5″ inches
Hermes Passant Long Wallet 8.1″ x 3.7″ inches


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